the saga of chuck bon Jovi

Why stage names? Because we don't need the authorities in our business or our lives any more than they are.

Why Bon Jovi? We love Bon Jovi. And you know that special feeling you get from a Bon Jovi show? We are nothing like that.

And because Charles could cop any riff you asked him to, play with any band, but he chose to be in Thrift Bakery. He is pictured at right with his girlfriend at the time.

Charles is of Filipino descent, served in the U.S. Armed Forces, and played disco at military bases in Asia before coming to the Washington area. We know him as a great musician and great friend. His chops contributed to a long list of club-shaking tunes in 1988-1990 with us.

We are about to re-release some of tracks he played on, and want to credit him appropriately. If you have seen him, contact me.

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