ragmag says
"It's Loco Time was rad! This had such character and color and blended these old school genres in one track! Great feel!"

Emergence is a word Terrie Cloth likes to use. We are all doing it.

I was out one summer afternoon in 2022 with Mrs. Lux and our dogs at an event where loud music was playing, something like the B-52s, and people are having a good time. And I thought, let's change our name and everything to Loco Domingo, and take on faux monikers of dead opera stars.

Bob Hair decided the new focus will be dance music. Now we are looking through all the unused words and music laying around deciding "Loco or not Loco?"

Terrie Cloth did not want to become Jessie Normal, and chose Margaret Lane instead. Tater Totts becomes Marius Callus, a good vampire name if there ever was. Bob Hair becomes Enrico Casio.

Dlux becomes Pablo Rocky.

The first single, "Transgression Superhighway," dropped 9/1/23. "It's Loco Time" followed on 10/6/23.

Molly Mary O'Brien of Ienjoymusic.net said: This rips. I love "It's Loco Time." 

The transformation is complete.

The Thrift Bakery legacy will continue.

Loco Domingo rolls off the tongue easier. Watch this space.