The 4th thrift bakery album, released in march 2020

Terri Cloth 
Tater Totts

Amy Adams

True story of an indie band in three minutes, garage-punk style


Genre-defying rap about getting yours, crazy and safe

Taken By A Pro

Prince once said funk has rules. We follow them.

Elizabeth Holmes

Tater challenged D to write a song about her in 36 hours. Biggest streamer. Huge on TikTok and on Apple Music in Poland. Everybody sings on it.

Science Writer

Upbeat, jangly, funny, obsessive. Terrie's singing makes it D's favorite song.  

I Love America 

Dlux admires the Lee Greenwood song "God Bless the USA" and how it touches people at public events. He wanted to cop that feeling. D started writing it in 2015 and it sat around awhile. The longer it sat, the more that the old rock influences filtered into it. This a huge streamer for us on Facebook in India. Find it on Napster here. What it's about: Love of country is inexplicable to many. You can accept it, you can embrace it, you can try to squirm out of it or you can put your shoulder to the wheel. That's a religious phrase. D said the first time he heard it, someone was quoting an Allen Ginsberg poem... 
You're never too old to be a smitten shoegazer

No Better Than Average

When she finds out what he is really like

Knucklehead Central

A #metoo murder

Wipe It Away

Some day a real rain will wash out all the wannabe

MCs, chickenheads and the detritus of our lives.

Running Is As Good As Falling

Bob pushes the boundaries of experimental pop and asks for lyrics. D wrote these in Lima, Peru.

Bob Hair 
Title. Double click here.

Money on Fire

If you want funk, we deliver. So much space in the song, it will swallow you. People are weird about money, and Dlux is no different. This is our biggest streamer on Soundcloud. And t0 be found on Beatport in 2022 via a Spanish disco compilation.