Thrift Bakery, the musical group
Thrift Bakery, the Musical Group

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Melodic, quirky indie pop music with dashes of rap and hip hop


The new thrift bakery album released in march 2020

Terri Cloth 
Tater Totts

Beyond COVID-19

Wipe It Away

Because it's time

I Love America

Me-Too murder

Knucklehead Central

Wanna be famous?

Elizabeth Holmes

Love for Funk

Taken By A Pro

Why Transcendent? Because you should try to be happy 

True to our roots in funk and rap but going beyond beats into melodies that will fill your heart, mind and soul ... Our upbringing in Jangle Rock seeped out of our pores ... Plunging into the sweet, celebrating the bitter ... Excursions into emo, techno, psychedelia ... 12 new songs that are deeper than bedrock, colder than dirt, warmer than the womb ... THRIFT BAKERY has never sounded better... 

Bob Hair